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creating quality tech products

for the Islamic community, inshaAllah

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With OneMasjid, we wanted to help the Masjids maintain a quality website and reach the community better and also to help the community better connect with all their Masjids, inshaAllah.

Using OneMasjid, Masjids can easily maintain a modern, quality website without any technical knowledge or worrying about any security updates etc.

With beautiful, functional mobile apps, the Masjids can easily reach out to the community and the community can connect with their Masjids from wherever they are.


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With mySalah app, we wanted to help our brothers and sisters keep track of their obligatory Salah, get great insights into how they are handling their Salah, and see if they can improve on their Salah.

After all, Salah is one of the key pillars of Islam and we wanted to see if we can help our brothers and sisters be fully aware of how they are handling their Salah.

We believed that with realization they can course correct, if needed, and try to perfect their Salah. And we continue to hope our mySalah app plays a role in their effort to get there inshaAllah.

Much more to come, inshaAllah!

We have some great vision to bring quality tech products that either
solve a problem among the Islamic community or help improve their quality of life, inshaAllah.

Please stay tuned and if you are interested in our products and wanted to touch-base with us
please reach out to us at contact(at)

Shukran, Jazak'Allahu Kh'airan for visting us. Please include us in your precious Dua.